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17 Things you need when buying a rabbit

Are you a soon to be first time rabbit owner? Or did you have a cage rabbit when you were a kid. But would like to have a free roam rabbit today? Here’s a list of things you need to give you and your new friend for the best and easiest start.

Water bowl or drink bottle

Of course, they must always have access to fresh water. Some believe it is better to have a bowl of water as they can only get water drop by drop from a drinking bottle. Our rabbits have both a drinking bottle and a water bowl, and they use both, so they must also like the bottle. However, they drink more water from the bowl than from the bottle. We think a bowl is more unhygienic, as dirt and hair from the coat quickly come into the water. If you choose a bowl, make sure it's heavy enough that the rabbit can't throw it around. Many rabbits like to take bowls in their mouths and then toss it around

Food bowl

Have several different food bowls both for different feed and greens


A good brush to care for long haired coat. Can also be used for short fur just for some cozy snuggle time.

Activity toys

Prevents your rabbit from getting bored and making trouble at home. They like to examine things for goodies, wheeling balloons and balls, tossing things, digging and gnawing in wood. You can also jump with your rabbit

Cable protectors

This one's really important. All rabbits love to gnaw into cables

Gnawing material

Rabbits must wear their teeth all the time as they keep growing. This is best done on branches. You can buy branches in the shops, but our experience is that they don't bother gnawing in them because they are dried. So out and get fresh branches from trees and shrubs, rabbits love them They're going to rip off all the bark and eat it. They do that out in the wild. It also activates your rabbit and prevents it from gnawing in your furniture


Feed pellets or structural feed which are dried whole parts of plants. Structural feed is healthier because the plant parts have not been processed as the feed pellets are, and also often contain several different and healthier plants. But it is very expensive. Our rabbits are given both feed pellets and structural feed in smaller quantities. And then, of course, it has to have hay every day. And then fresh greens picked outside

Digging box

It's a natural instinct for the rabbit to dig, if it doesn't get any sand or anything else to dig in, it can start digging in your pillow or somewhere else that gets destroyed by it


A small wooden house or other hiding place where they can seek safety. Preferably with two entrances. Rabbits are prey animals and like having an escape route

Hay rack

The hay rack is best placed next to the toilet, as rabbits like to eat while pooping


A tray a la a small cat tray or something bigger with bedding in which they can poop and pee

Enclosure or cage

We always recommend starting out by having the rabbit in a cage or fencing in the first week. Then it knows where it "belongs" in the future. Choose a place where the rabbit gets its food and has its things, e.g., so that it knows that it can always have peace here, and this is also the place to poop and pee. If you let a new rabbit out all over the house right from day one, it will probably choose a place to be, for example, under the sofa. Some rabbits get too scared and don't know where they have to be, and may never really get out from under the furniture.


Choose a underlay if you buy an enclosure. The underlay must of course be firm to walk on, but must also be softer than just a wooden floor, otherwise your bunny can get paw wounds. The underlay is to protect your floor from pee, dirt and scratch marks. We ourselves have some plastic underlay for office chairs with a cheap patchwork over which can be replaced as needed, because they become dirty and broken over time. Some have put in a piece of linoleum floor, it should also work well


Rabbits in nature make long tunnel systems and they are very popular in the living room too

Nail clippers

A small nail clipper, they need to be cut regularly

Furniture protector

Make sure you protect the bed and sofa. Some rabbits love to pee on fabric furniture as it soaks up the pie. And once they've started peeing somewhere, it's very hard to get them to stop doing it again. Cover with something that doesn't soak liquid until you've found your toilet place together.


Pea flakes is a incredibly popular treat, but not that healthy, so don't exaggerate. There are a lot of different treats out there, not everything is equally popular,. There's also a lot of snacks who aren't healthy. There are some treats with dairy products or sugar and honey. This is not healthy for a rabbits.


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