Cat Bowls

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  • Cat Feed bowl with digital scale

  • Cute transparent food bowl for cats with ears and tilt

  • Food Bowl with scale for Cats and Rabbits from Petkit – White

  • For giant rabbits and cats – Large feeding bowl with digital scale

  • Large Food and water bowl with scale in beautiful orange color

  • Scales bowl for Cats with cute cows – with digital scale


Cat Bowls

It is great with a cat bowl that is not only practical but also looks nice in your home, and then it must be easy to clean. Here you will find our ever-growing selection of food bowls and drinking bowls for your kitty.

Cute designs for cats

If you like a lot of health and hygiene, we also have some cool products from Petkit, where you can measure your cat’s food intake or water intake using a digital scale. Or how about a drinking fountain. Your cat will always have clean and fresh drinking water. All our feeding bowls for cats has cute designs and are with health in mind.

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