Organic and Recycled

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  • Eco-friendly Feeding Bowl for Rabbits – Natural without PVC – blue

  • Plastic free Rabbit Feeding Bowl – without toxins – green

  • Rabbit Food Bowl – Made of Wheat – no PVC – Pink

  • Sustainable and Healthy Rabbit Bowl – Made from Plant Fiber – Beige


Organic and Recycled Pet Shop

Actually, we wanted to open an eco-friendly shop with only organic and sustainable stuff for pets. But unfortunately, that was impossible. Partly because the product range is very small out there and partly because we fall in love with some pet products that cannot be organic and recycled, e.g. some of the technological gadgets for pets.

Eco-friendly and organic pet products

If you, like us, also have a small eco-freak tucked in your stomach, you can find everything we have to offer your pet here on this site, whether it is for your cat or rabbit, of environmentally friendly and organic pet products. It may be organic pet food, sustainable toys for rabbits and cats or an eco-friendly feeding bowl for your rabbit. Look around, this is a real organic pet store. And our selection is constantly growing.

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