Rabbit Cushions and Baskets

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  • 3 in 1 cave – bed – basket for rabbit and cat

  • Bunny sofa

  • Grey teddy bear light cushion for rabbits, cats and small dogs

  • Large pillow for giant rabbits and medium dogs

  • Large pillow with beach motiv for giant rabbits

  • Orthopaedic pillow for pets

  • Oval pillow with waterproof surface – black

  • Oval pillow with waterproof surface – brown

  • Pillow with waterproof nylon cover – black

  • Pillow with waterproof nylon cover – gray

  • Round grey basket super soft pillow

  • Small gray fur basket for rabbits

  • Velvet canvas basket for pets


Rabbit Baskets and Pillows – Sleeps for rabbits

Here are some lovely pillows and baskets for rabbits for the rabbit base. On this page, we have everything you and your rabbit can wish for in cute and soft little caves or pillows, so that your rabbit can really dream sweetly.

We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more things into the store all the time. So check back periodically and see the growing selection of pillows and caves for your rabbit.

Caves for the rabbit base

Decorate your rabbit base with lovely pillows for rabbits. We also have a selection of cute soft caves your rabbit can hide in.

Decorating Your Rabbit Cage

A base for rabbits of course also contains a tray for toilets. We have large cages and enclosures here, where your rabbit can have all his things. Then decorating the rabbit cage will be fun with all the cute rabbit things in the form of caves and baskets you can find.

Non-toxic rabbit pillows

It is made of non-toxic safe materials so you can safely give it to your rabbit. All our furniture is made for indoor decoration of rabbit cages or rabbit rooms.

< Frikanin</€

We have our original Bunny and cat furniture for frikanin. You will find it under Kaninbase decor in the menu. In addition to pillows, caves and baskets for rabbits, you can find large wooden houses and collection sets in the form of wooden caves which can be assembled together with black tunnels in an infinite number of different ways. Perfect for your rabbit’s base. It simulates caves and tunnels wild rabbits have underground.

Bring a cute rabbit home for indoor rabbits.


Bunny and Cat