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  • 3 in 1 cave – bed – basket for rabbit and cat

  • Activity toy – store pellets under the cones

  • Ball pit for rabbits – play pool with pastel-colored balls

  • Bamboo bowl for rabbits and cats – Beige

  • Bamboo bowl for rabbits and cats – Black

  • Bamboo bowl for rabbits and cats – Blue/grey

  • Base for rabbit enclosure – Poop tray

  • Beaphar Nature – high fiber content

  • Bedding for rabbit bed pink rabbit heads

  • Bedding for rabbit bed with waffle ice cream pattern

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed – purple with rabbits and flowers

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed – white with small white rabbits

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed dusty blue spring

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed with light blue Indian rabbits

  • Bedding for the rabbit bed with Peter rabbit


Rabbit Shop

This is our Bunny shop. On this page you will find everything we have to offer for your rabbit. We have found it difficult to find interesting, healthy and organic rabbit items and foods we have decided to open out own shop! We sell items made by us, along with products we get produced especially for us. Luckily, we have also found some really great rabbit products from other makers, so our shop is filled to the brim with excellent items for your bunny!
We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more stuff into the store all the time. So check in regularly to see the growing range of items for your rabbit.

Organic and healthy rabbit shop

This is where you will find all sorts of organic snacks for your bunny, for example our own brand of hay with herbs! We have a large selection of organic and delicious products.
Cute designs and products for bunnies
You can find all sorts of items for your rabbit, whether it’s cage free or has a large cage. We have had cage free rabbits for many years, we have a lot of experience in what rabbits like, for example rabbit furniture, digging boxes, tunnels and toys. We also sell accessories such as cable protectors, so your bunny can run wild without ruining your chargers.

Rabbit Jumping

We also have everything you need to get started with rabbit jumping, harnesses and leashes for walks and jump exercises in the garden. We make our own rabbit agility jumps, leashes and harnesses for rabbit hopping, as we have found that the commercial range leaves a lot to be desired.

Free roam bunny or rabbit in a cage

We love rabbits and have had cage free rabbits for many years. Our rabbit, Ninus, has not had any cage at all, just an area with his stuff. For us, Ninus is part of the family just as much as any dog or cat would be. At the current moment, we have too many rabbits, plus a baby, for them to be completely free, so we have set up a fence in the living room for them. You can see more on our blog, where we will post about everyday life with cage-free rabbits, and you can find tips and tricks to keep a healthy and happy bunny. Our goal is to have the best and largest selection of free-roaming bunny products in the world!

Best regard
Bunny and Cat