Rabbit Bowls and Hay racks

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Rabbit Bowls and Hay racks

Here on this site you will find our selection of fun, cute and eco-friendly feeding bowls and hay fences for rabbits.

Feeding Bowls

We have a wide selection of different food bowls for your rabbit. Here you will find biodegradable plastic feeding bowls made from wheat straw. Or how about a really cute porcelain bowl with rabbit cute motifs. There are also food bowls with built-in weight if you have, for example, an obese rabbit and would like to measure how many feed pellets it consumes. There is something for everyone to suit your style.

Hay racks

We also have a wide selection of different hay racks for rabbits of different sizes and materials. So, you can customize the haystack to your needs. Remember that rabbits like to poo where they eat their hay. Out in the wild, they like to poo while grazing outside the cave. Partly, it’s because it does not make their cave dirty and also it marks their territory.

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