Rabbit Cages and Fences

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  • Rabbit cage XL – Black – 60, 80, 100, 120 cm high


Rabbit Cages and Fences

We have opted out of selling traditional rodent cages to rabbits here on the site. So you won’t be able to find them. The cages are simply too small for the rabbit. to have a good life in such a cage.

Free roam rabbits

We have large cages and enclosures where you can keep your rabbit. That is, you can keep rabbits in a large cage with runs outside in the living room every day or have rabbits in fencing. Not only is it nice for the rabbit to have a lot of space, of course, but you also get so much more joy out of your pet. We offer cages that should be open most of the time so that your rabbit becomes part of the family. But it can be nice for the rabbit to have a free space where it feels it can have undisturbed time for it itself, it reduces stress if you have children, for example. That’s why we offer cages.

Outdoor rabbit cages

We also have some different cages for use in the garden. Outdoor rabbit cages and enclosures of various kinds, for use on a lovely sunny day in the garden. Remember that your rabbit must always be in the shade and that they can dig out of fences if left unguarded. So always bring your rabbit in at night, also to protect against predators.

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