Rabbit Home Decor

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Rabbit Home Decor

On the site we have everything you and your rabbit could want from interiors for a healthy and fun rabbit life. Here you can find our own manufactured rabbit houses and caves in wood Made from natural materials. And a lot of different rabbit furniture. Here you will also find toilets and beds for rabbits.

Non-toxic furniture for rabbits

It is made from non-toxic safe materials so you can safely give it to your rabbit. If it gnaws at the houses or furniture it will be totally safe. Of course, all paint used during manufacture is also without toxins.

Free roam rabbit

We have our original Bunny and Cat furniture for free roam rabbits. Here you can find large wooden houses and collection sets in the form of wooden caves that can be joined together with steel tunnels in endless varieties, that can be adapted to any living situation. Depending on how much space your rabbit needs to occupy in the living room. It simulates caves and tunnels wild rabbits have underground.
We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more stuff into the store all the time. So check in regularly to see the growing range of items for your rabbit.

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