Rabbit Snacks and Supplements

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  • Grainless beetroot drops for rabbits – Treats

  • Hazel branches with leaves for rabbits

  • Plantain herb mixture for rabbits with cornflowers and hollyhock


Rabbit Snacks and Supplements

We all want to give our sweet rabbit snacks, and here you have the opportunity to choose from a lot of delicious and healthy treats without wheat and sugar. We opt out of all the many goodies for rabbits on the market that contain harmful additives and sugar, so you can safely find your rabbit’s favourite delicious biscuits here.

Health-promoting goodies

You can use these healthy snacks when you want to train your rabbit in a rabbit jumping or just as a reward. Or if you just want to spoil your little one beyond all borders. All of our treats have health-promoting properties and consist of plants, without additives and cheap fillers like wheat, soy or other starchy grains.


Here you will also find rabbit supplements for various problems. And supplements for extra health promotion.
We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more stuff into the store all the time. So check in regularly to see the growing range of items for your rabbit.

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