Rabbit Toys

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Rabbit Toys

Here you will find our selection of toys and activity items for your rabbit. It is important that the rabbit is activated so that it does not get bored and starts gnawing on unwanted things in the home. We have a wide selection of different rabbit toys. For example, throwing toys, which consist of rings with small pendants that rattles when throwing it around. And wooden toys with natural cords your rabbit can gnaw in and play around with. Or what about small bowls you can stack and put small treats in.

Digging box and tunnels

Also, here you can find different versions of digging boxes, with different digging material for your rabbit. It is a natural and instinctive need for your rabbit to dig. In the wild, they dig holes, tunnels and caves in the ground. In here they spend most of their lives. We also have a nice selection of tunnels in different materials to choose from.
We just started the rabbit shop, so we get more stuff into the store all the time. So check in regularly to see the growing range of items for your rabbit.

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