Automatic cooling hot cave – for rabbits or cats


Petkit Cozy Cooling Heating Cave

White and round dome with heater

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Automatic Temperature Adjustment

Sleeping place for cats and rabbits

If you are also looking for a sleeping place for your pet, that not only is great for your cat or rabbit, but also one that looks good with your home decor. With this cat / rabbit house you really get the creme de la cream of sleeping places. Not only does it look amazing in your living room, it also gives your pet the best and healthiest sleeping cave he / she has ever had.

On hot summer days you can transform this cave into a small nice cooling dome. And on freezing cold winter evenings, you make the bedtime of your little pet warm and cozy. It fits all cats and rabbits. And that makes you the best paw parent in the world: D

Favorite Cave:

Petkit Cozy House is a smart cave for small pets with adjustable heat / cooling effect. There are temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the unit and ambient temperature at all times. It provides a healthier sleeping space for your pet by the automatic temperature adjustment. The small round cave is a cozy resting place where your cute animal feels wonderfully safe.

You can choose to use the Petkit app:

You can accurately monitor when your pet is inside the cave, due to some infrared sensors inside the Cozy House. The app records your pet’s rest period. The cozy house also generates the sleeping calendar to help you better understand your pet. With this app you can use temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the cave and keep your pet in an accurate and constant ambient temperature. You can find the App on Android or AppStore by searching for the Petkit app. Just connect your smartphone to the cozy house. You can also just manually adjust the temperature on the button on the product.


Petkits COZY Smart Cool + Warm Pet House features include:


  • Smart Temperature Control: Smart Cool + Warm Pet House automatically adjusts the temperatures to your pet’s preferred temperature range.
  • The Round Cave design provides comfort: gives your pet a sense of security while sleeping comfortably inside.
  • Rest-time tracking: The infrared sensors track and record your animal’s sleep patterns.


Additional product information:

Product dimensions: 17″ diameter x 17″ width x 16″ height

An outlet must be connected. EU-plug

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg