Beaphar Nature – high fiber content



With 30 grass species and herbs

25% fibre


Beaphar Nature – with 25% fibers

Beaphar Nature is the feed pellets we have with the highest fiber content. At the same time, the feed lives up to our recommendations with a content of many grass species and herbs. They do not contain any of the cheap cereals and soy stuffing products. And, of course, they are uniform, so that the rabbit can not sort in its feed.

After we get into the ingredients of rabbit food, we feed our rabbits exclusively with Grainless, Bunny Nature and Beaphar Nature food!!! Because they are the only rabbit feed types without cereals and soy. And the only pellets on the market with MANY grass species and many herbs.

Green, wild plants and grass

This rabbit food may not look like much in the ingredients list below, but the second ingredient is actually a mixture of many grass species and herbs harvested from a field of about 30 different plants. It contains a lot of different plants, many of which are different grass species. And it’s filled with many other green plants.

30 different herbs, flowers and grass species.

Fibres (25% raw fibre)

These feed pellets have a very high fiber content. In order for your rabbit to have optimal dental heath and a healthy intestine.

Low fat more protein

The rabbit feed contains only 3% fat. Perfect for indoor rabbits that don’t get too much exercise.

Low calcium and high in protein

Only 0.6% lime so your rabbit doesn’t risk having urinary problems.

Benefits of Beaphar Nature

  • Complies with the recommendations on fat/protein/fiber composition
  • 25% raw fibres
  • No wheat grains, corn or soy
  • with 30 different plants
  • Gmo-free
  • Grinding your bunnies teeth

At Bunny and Cat, we care a lot about the health of rabbits. Therefore, we have posted pictures of all ingredients in the feed. In this way, you can quickly get an overview of what is in the food:

Timothy - engrotte tail in Danish

Timothy grass


Herbal grass (30 different grasses and herbs)





grape seed extrakt

Grape nucleus extract


Fruit including apple






Timothy grass, herb grass with 30 different grasses and herbs, cicorie, yucca, grapes extract, fruit, vegetable protein, spirulina

Added vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin A 12,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1000 IU/kg, Vitamin E 130 IU/kg, Vitamin C 350 mg, Vitamin K3 8.9 mg, Vitamin B1 20 mg, Vitamin B2 26 mg, Vitamin B6 23 mg, Vitamin B12 77 ug, niacin 130 mg, pantothenic acid 50 mg, biotin 660 ug folic acid 3.5 mg, choline 1300 mg, E2 I (iodine) 1.53 mg, E4 Cu (copper) 12 mg, E5 Mn (manganese) 30 mg, E6 Zn (zinc) 60 mg, E8 See (selenium) 0.06 mg.


Crude protein 13% crude oils and raw fat 3% raw fibre 25% raw ash 7.5% calcium 0.6% phosphorus 0.4% sodium 0.23%

We only sell pellets containing many different grass varieties and many herbs. And we only sell grain-free pellets.

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