Cat harness – Rabbit harness – Nylon with girl’s heads

Nylon braces 1.5cm wide (0.59″)

With cute girls


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Cat harness – Rabbit harness – Nylon with girl’s heads

1.5cm (0.59″) wide nylon harness

This harness is a very strong and durable harness for all kinds of weather.

Good sturdy rabbit harness or cat harness.

Also good for giant rabbits.

How to measure your pet

Always remember to measure your cat or rabbit before buying Harnesses.

Use your measuring tape around the neck and chest just below the front legs.

The measuring tape should be held tightly around the neck/chest, without it being uncomfortable for the animal of course.

Select a harness where the dimensions are as much in the middle of the belt size as possible. Then you’ll have a little to give away if there were to be any changes in weight over time.

Sizes of nylon harnesses


Neck 17cm – 24cm (6.7-9″)

Chest 25cm – 39cm (10-15″)


Neck 21cm – 32cm (8-13″)

Chest 29cm – 47cm (11-18″)


Neck 25cm – 39cm (10-15″)

Chest 34cm – 39cm (13-23″)


Neck 29cm – 46cm (11-18″)

Chest 40cm – 70cm (16-27″)