Cats scratcher and toys – 4 in 1 playground


Cat toys with scratch boards, balls and rest area

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Lots of fun playing for all cats

This great pet toy from Petkit is a 4 in 1 playground for your cat. Not only is it the place to rest, a scratch board and a toy, it also stimulates your cat’s sense of smell and hearing. Give your cat endless fun and activation with this beautiful looking playground.

Petkit 4 in 1 cat scratch board comes with:

  • A circular track that allows your cat to chase the two colorful balls
  • Orange ball has a small bell inside
  • Green ball with catnip to entice your cat to play
  • 13 inch diameter scratcher and resting place


That’s why it’s a good cat toy:

The cat scratch board playground is designed for quick and easy separation when it is needed to clean it. The cat board is made of sturdy and durable corrugated cardboard, while the circular track is designed to withstand cat claws. The bullets or scratching board can be replaced if needed.