Donut pillow for rabbits and cats – light grey


Beautiful light grey pillow 50cm

For rabbits and cats

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Super soft round donut cushion

– for your rabbit or your cat

Donut pillow for rabbits and cats in light gray. It’s super soft, both on the outside and inside.

The rabbit pillow or cat pillow is about 50 cm in diameter, and here is room for a cat or two small rabbits.

Our rabbits love this nice and soft cushion.

More about the Donut cushion for rabbits and cats:

The donut bed contains the softest airiest filling and has long soft plush on the outside. A lovely nest for your animal seeking safety and relaxation. The round and soft edge acts as a soft embrace for your rabbits or your cat. The special combination of the long soft plush fabric and the puffed filling also makes it suitable for troubled animals. We have a slightly anxious rabbit and she really enjoys lying in her cushion.


(can also be used for very small dogs)

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