Edible digging box for rabbits – Made of hay – Dust-free sand – Treats


Box of 100% edible material

Soft dust-free sand and roots you can hide in the sand

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Delicious box complete with sand and delicacies for your rabbit

All natural activity toy

The digging box is 100% edible for rabbits. It gives your rodent many hours of fun play and activity. The box is made of natural cardboard covered with dried grass.

Rabbits have a natural digging instinct

You may have seen your rabbit standing and “digging” on pillows or blankets. That’s because it is deep in their DNA, they need to dig. In nature, they dig long tunnels and caves underground, in which they live most of their lives. There, they feel safe from the weather and predators. The males also dig shallowly in soil to mark their territory to other males. Therefore, it is really good for your rabbit to have a place to live this strong instinct to dig. actually, Its a good idea to have a tunnel lying next to the digging box.

Contents of the box:

With this digging box belongs 5 liters of sand, which is soft to the paws and dust-free, so it does not irritate the rabbit’s respiratory tract. In addition, you get some roots that the rabbit can dig around for in the sand, giving it an extra dimension of activity. Of course, you can also use your own treats for the digging.

  • 5 liters of dust-free soft sand
  • Edible box of hay and natural cardboard
  • Parsley Roots


11.4 inch broad

15.7 inch long

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