Fleece cave for rabbits – pink / cream

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Luxury fleece in cute design

With two interchangeable pee-proof bottoms that can be washed

Fleece house for rabbit

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Fleece cave for rabbits – pink / cream

Rabbit house of soft luxury fleece

This square cave for rabbits is made of nice warm and durable fleece.

Crem-colored super soft fleece on the inside.

Pink design with rabbits and trees on the outside.

The rabbit house has two exits that make your rabbit feel safe.

Why your rabbit needs a cave

It is quite instingtivative in rabbits to hide in caves. If your rabbit doesn’t have caves or small houses to hide in, it will probably choose places in the house where it can be hidden.

Maybe it’s sleeping under the couch or behind the bed?

The rabbit’s wild cousins live most of their lives underground in caves and tuna or with a wayd of escape. Here they seek reassurance for rain and predators.

That’s why they love the houses, tunnels and caves they can put themselves in. Place the cave in the rabbit’s favourite place and let it tuck into the soft fabric.

Practical info about the rabbit cave

You get two bottoms with fleece on the outside and waterproof fabric inside. Handy if your rabbit is going to make bad luck inside the fleece cavity or if it gets dirty over time.

They can be taken out and washed at 60 degrees C as needed. Air-dried or dried at low temperature.

The house measures 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (12″x 12″x 12″)

The rabbit hole itself can only be washed by hand.

Want to read more about the wild rabbits do and barn

Then read this book

ThePrivate of the rabbit by RM Lockley

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