Grainless Herb Balls – Natural Treats for Rabbits


With Nettle and Parsley

Natural treat and activation for your rabbit

3 pieces a 25g

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Grainless Herb balls are natural treats for rabbits. They are both toys for activation and a healthy snack at once. They contain a lot of fiber and are particularly low on calcium, which rabbits should not have too much of.

Here you have both a treat and activation of your rabbit in one product.

Your rabbit gets activated while eating these balls because they can wheel around with them.

Ultra healthy and natural treat for your rabbit completely without sugar, colors or synthetic flavors.

These healthy herb balls for rabbits contain:

The package contains 75 g

peas, grass seeds, canarygrass seeds, nettle, buckwheat, starch, parsley, carrots, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, fennel seeds, peppermint, dandelion 1.2%, black cumin seeds.

protein 18.9%, fat content 4.3%, fibre 7.0%, ash 4.6%

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