Grainless Herbs with Evening primrose and Dandelion for Rabbits


Evening primrose, dandelion, straw flowers and peppermint

Healthy snacks for rabbits without additives


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Grainless Herbs with Evening primrose, Peppermint and Dandelion

snacks without additives for rabbits

Grainless Herbs with Evening primrose, Dandelion, Straw Flowers and Peppermint for Healthy Rabbits.

These are natural snacks without additives to your rabbit. It’s food wild rabbits would choose.

Delicious dried and tasty dandelions, in a wonderful combination with soothing Evening primrose, are pure relaxation for your rabbit.

Evening primrose have very special properties which can have a beneficial effect on the rabbit’s skin and fur.

A perfect supplement to a grain-free diet or as a supplement to the daily diet.

There are no sugars, grains or synthetic flavors or colors in Grainless products.

Natural rabbit food for a healthy and well-functioning bunny.

This rabbit herbal blend contains:


Dandelion 87%, peppermint, Evening primrose 5%, straw flowers

Protein 13.3%, fat 2.6%, fibre 13.0%, ash 13.6%,

calcium 14763 mg/kg, phosphorus 2793 mg/kg, sodium 4380 mg/kg

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