Grainless Sage and Dandelion – Herbs for Rabbits


Healthy dried herbs for rabbits

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Grainless Sage, Dandelion, Peppermint and Cornflowers

Herbs for rabbits

Delicious and health-promoting herbs for rabbits – Grainless sage is a complementary feed for your rabbit.

Gently dried and flavorful dandelion combined with fragrant sage, which has a calming effect on rabbits, also contains peppermint and cornflowers.

It is super healthy for your rabbit to get herbs. Because herbs for rabbits are essential in a wild rabbit’s dietary composition.

The special properties that sage contains have a positive impact on your pet’s airways, while the delightfully scented cornflowers are a really delicious treat.

These herbal blends are a perfect complement to the grain-free diet for your rabbit. None of the tasty Grainless products contain sugar or synthetic additives.

The contents of the sage herb mixture:

dandelion 87%, sage 5%, peppermint, cornflowers

protein 20%, fat 4.3%, fibre 14.4%, ash 12.8%


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