Heart with petals for rabbits – Activation snack


Rodent heart with marigold leaves

Healthy activation snack for rabbits

90 g

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Delicious heart with marigold leaves, herbs and vegetables

Heart with petals from marigold flowers and lots of herbs and vegetables activation snack for all rabbits.

Intended as a snack. Healthy and tasty heart one can hang up to activate the rabbit.

Additional feed for all rodents.

The delicious heart with flower petals contains:

pea flour, grass seeds, canary seeds, buckwheat, marigolds 5,6%, peppermint, parsley, carrots, dandelions, nettle, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, fennel, starch, black cumin seeds

protein 19.6, fat content 4.1, fibre 15.1, ash 4,3

90 grams

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