High scratching tree for cats


High scratching tree

Narrow and space-saving

High scratching tree for cats

Narrow and space-saving

Looking for a tall scratch tree for your cat? With its 230 cm in height, your cat will love this scratching tree. Cats feel safe when they get up high, so they can lie down and look down and really have an overview of what’s going on in the room. It is only 68 cm (27″) x 57cm (22″) in width, so it doesn’t take up much space in the living room.

The baskets are made of braided banana leaves, which are very rigid and sturdy. That way, you get the braided bohemian basket look, but these baskets don’t get scratched into pieces, like traditional baskets.


  • 3 caves
  • 1 play ball
  • 2 resting plates
  • 2 plush pads
  • 9 sisal scratching legs

Practical information about the scratching tree

The baskets have nice teddy bear-soft mats in raw white plush, which can be taken out and washed at 30 degrees.

When you receive the scratch tree, it must be assembled.

We recommend attaching the tree to the wall for the sake of safety.

The measure of the high cat tree:

230cm x 68cm x 57cm (90″ x 27″ x 22″)


Additional information

Weight 11 kg