Jr Farm Flower Meadow for Rabbits – Healthy Complementary Food


Mountain hay with many different grasses

and marigold for rabbits

Healthy and delicious supplement food


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Lovely flowers and grass for your rabbit – healthy food

JR Farm Flower Meadow – doesn’t that say everything? Here you simply get flower meadow in a bag.

Just what rabbits in the wild would choose to eat. Healthy and delicious supplement food.

This fragrant snack for quality-conscious rabbits, which consists of gently dried meadowgrass with aromatic flowers, is rich in natural vitamins.

The high fiber content ensures optimal digestion and thus a happier rabbit.

Mixed with hay or other herbs, or as part of the daily feeding.

Supplement feed for all rabbits.

The contents of the Flower meadow bag:

mountain hay 80%, marigold flower 20 %

12.2, fat 4.3, fibre 23.4, ash 8.2, water 9.8

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