Plantain herb mixture for rabbits with cornflowers and hollyhock


Lancet plantain herbal blend for rabbits

Healthy supplementation with flowers and herbs


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Herbal blend for rabbits with lancet plantain

Jr Farms lancet plantain herb blend for rabbits is a healthy fiber-rich mix for everyday use. With delicious wild herbs and flowers.

Really healthy food supplements for rabbits that rabbits in the wild would eat.

Lancet plantain width is especially known for its versatility in natural medicine.

The rabbit herb mixture provides natural dentistry for rabbits and is health-promoting.

The high fiber content ensures optimal digestion, better well-being and a happier rabbit.

Forage recommendation: Mix with hay or other herbs or be given in addition to daily feeding.

Healthy and tasty supplements for all rabbits.

lancet plantain, cornflower and hollyhock herbal mixture contain:

lancet plaintain 95%, cornflowers 2.5%, storose 2.5 %

protein 13.7, fat 2.4, fibre 20.8, ash 12.7, water 11.5


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