Organic hay for rabbits


Organic meadow for rabbits

500 g

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Organic meadow for your rabbit

500 grams 100% Organic hay for your rabbit.

Made from 100% certified organic raw materials.

Harvested from lush mountain meadows, gently dried and handpicked.

Jr Farms organic hay is a composition of all natural ingredients found on the fresh mountain meadows.

With extra high herb content.

Jr Farms organic hay for rabbits is of Premium quality.

The tastiest hay for our rabbits

This Hay is the most delicious fragrant hay ever. We’ve never had our hands on any hay that smelled as good as this one does.

It smells really fresh and delicious like herbs.

You almost want to eat it yourself 😀

But we just give it to our rabbits anyway.

Try it, your rabbit will definitely be happy…

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