Rabbit bed – Cute wooden bed for rabbits – waterproof


Rabbit bed made of wood with rabbit ears for free roam rabbits

Lovely foam rubber mattress with bed wetting sheet for optimal comfort and cleanliness



Bed for rabbit made of wood with waterproof mattress

– bed with bunny ears for free run rabbits

This cute wooden bunny bed with rabbit ears is Bunny and Cats own design. It is made in Denmark, specially designed to give your rabbit the most comfortable resting place. The materials are high quality and the rabbit furniture is made in soft and simple shapes that can fit into any style. Perfect for all free roam rabbits.

Rabbit’s healthy sleeping area

The mattress and bed sheet are certified to the Oeko Tex® Standard 100. This means that there is a guarantee that an item is checked for the presence of harmful chemicals.

Foam mattress is thick and firm, so your rabbit still feel it has solid ground under its feet, which thus gives a sense of security. At the same time, it is soft to lie on and shape according to the body when lying on it. Nice soft but firm rabbit bed.

Cleaning the rabbit bed

The sheet is made of waterproof material, so it can be wiped off with a wet cloth in case of small accidents or light dirt. If desired, it can also be taken off the mattress and washed at 60 degrees. However, it must not be tumbled as the waterproof surface of the sheet can be reduced. Dry by air. The mattress cannot be washed. We recommend protecting the mattress and wetting sheed with an extra cotton bedsheed. You may want some extra organic sheets for the bunny bed, get it here in this shop also.

Rabbit wooden furniture

The rabbit bed is made of hard plywood, which is too hard for the rabbits. They do not like to gnaw at it. This means that your furniture will last a long time. It is for indoor use only. And it can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

No more rabbit baskets that get gnawed into pieces. Here’s your rabbit’s favorite sleeping place.

The bed with rabbit ears comes in total condition when you get it, so you can set it up and it can be used immediately. And enjoy the looks of your sweet rabbit lying down and resting for many hours to come. Our own rabbits rest on it every day.

Bunny bed’s measures

  • 22 inch lying length
  • 14 inch lying width
  • 7 inch jump height

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Bed only, Bed plus mattress, Mattress only