Rabbit house with cute rabbit ears – Indoor house for rabbit


Wooden house with grey fabric ears for rabbits

House for indoor dwarf rabbits

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Rabbit house with cute rabbit ears

Indoor house for rabbits

This rabbit house with grey pines lends itself well to dwarf rabbits. This indoor house for rabbits is made of very hard plywood which is too hard to gnaw in. Ie your rabbit will not have the desire or opportunity to gnaw it into pieces.

Nice house with rounded corners. It fits with our other furniture in wood for free rabbits. All our wood products are intended for indoor use.

Two exits that gives your rabbit a sense of security in his house. A hoof entrance and a window, which is the rabbit’s escape route.

This is an indoor house for rabbits.

Why your rabbit needs a house

The wild rabbits, which share DNA and instincts with our pet rabbits, live in caves and tunnels underground. Here they spend the vast majority of hours of their lives. Here they feel safe from storms and predators. Their caves and tunnels always have several escape routes, which is why they also like multi-exit houses and cottages. If you haven’t already given your rabbit some houses and tunnels, it will probably find hiding places under your furniture where it is very much in store.

This is our wooden rabbit furniture made of

Our houses for rabbits, the excavator box and other wooden rabbit furniture are made of 12mm thick plywood sheets. This makes the furniture stable and durable. Veneer wood is much harder than solid wood. It therefore does not invite the rabbits to bite the rabbit house. It’s too hard.

There are two kinds of veneer, which are, after all, thin wooden boards that are glued together. It for outdoor use, which contains phenolic glue, which is toxic. We have not used this. Then there’s what can only be used inside. It is also used to make furniture for people. It’s our rabbit furniture made of.

Our rabbits have had such a rabbit house for a few years now and there isn’t a single bite mark therein.


It is cleaned if needed with a damp cloth. It’s also easier to get rubbish off with a cloth than a solid wood house.

Advantages of this indoor house for rabbits

  • Lifelong durability
  • Provides reassurance to the rabbit
  • Easy to clean
  • Cute design

The target of the house

Woodhouse measures 35cm x 35cm x 35cm (14″ x 14″ x 14″)

(13.8″ x 13.8″ x 13.8″)

The walls are 12mm wide (0.47″)

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