White Rabbit enclosure


White cage for rabbits

The rabbit enclosure can be set up in many ways

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White fencing for free roam rabbits

– white rabbit fence with a lot of space for your rabbit’s stuff

Do you want a nice white enclosure for your indoor rabbit? Here we have a cute white rabbit enclosure that can be set up different ways. This cute rabbit cage is convenient for free roam rabbits. It’s easy to put up, and already assembled when you get it.

The cage is easy to set up and take down, and can be folded up, so you can easily take your rabbit out into the garden on a nice summer day. Remember it must not be unguarded outside in this cage. There may be predators.

The white rabbit cage consists of 8 panels each measuring about 61cm in width and 60cm in height. These panels are already assembled. The circumference of the entire cage is 480cm

White rabbit cage for free roam rabbits

We are in favour of free run rabbits, i.e. rabbits that run freely throughout the house. We do not recommend that your rabbit lives in this enclosure for indoor rabbits. It’s too small for that. Rabbits need space for running. They want to be part of people’s everyday lives. But having its own place can give the rabbit a sense of securety.

Build an indoor running yard yourself

If you get 2 or 3 of these white rabbit cages, you can make a large indoor running yard for your rabbits. Put them together and make a large area. In the rabbit running yard you can put many small wooden houses, various tunnels, beds, toilet tray and feed bowls. Remember to take the rabbits out every day anyway.

Playpen for your new rabbit

When the rabbit comes to a new home and it does not have a clearly defined area, which is its own, it may well become too overwhelmed, and then it can choose to always sit under, for example, the sofa, where it does not come out from again. Therefore, we recommend keeping your new rabbit in e.g. this white rabbit cage for the first week or so. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace and quiet.

White metal enclosure for rabbits provides good storage space for rabbit stuff


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