Part 2 – The bunny Village – Wooden house for rabbits


Build your own rabbit village – indoor rabbit cabins with tunnels

Wooden house for rabbits – Suitable for dwarf rabbits

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Wooden house for rabbits – Part 2 – The bunny Village

– Longhouse with entrance on the right side

Rabbit village – build houses and tunnels together as you like

This wooden house for rabbits is the second part of The Bunny Village. The wooden house has an entrance on the right side of the front and on the left side of the house.

This rabbit house has a unique rounding at the front of the roof.

Both entrances fits the black tunnels. This way you can put several houses and tunnels together as you like.

Put as many or few houses and tunnels together as you like. Build an entire rabbit village or just two houses depending on how much space you have.

Indoor rabbit cabin

This indoor rabbit cabin can of course also be used alone. Put it inside the rabbits home base and your rabbit will feel safe inside the wooden house because it hat two exits.

Wooden house for rabbit – materials

The wood that the longhouse and our other wooden furniture are made of is veneer, which is too hard for the rabbits to chew in. It is only intended for indoor use. It is made of birch wood veneer which is of good quality, it is also intended to make furniture for people with.

It can be wiped off with a damp cloth if needed. The smooth and very hard surface makes it easier to clean than regular solid wood furniture. Moreover, the rabbits cannot gnaw these houses into pieces as they do with other wooden houses on the market.

Dimensions of the wood house

The house is large and spacious enough for two dwarf rabbits to lie in there together.

The long house’s dimensions are: 50cm long x 35cm wide x 35cm high (19.5″x 13.8″ x 13.8″)

The two entries are 15cm x 15cm (5.9″ x 5.9″)

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